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Tea Tree Hair | Face & Nails Oil

Tea Tree Hair | Face & Nails Oil

Organic, cold-pressed tea tree potent oil promotes Strong and Healthy Hair Growth. 

Promoting strong and healthy hair growth

Improving circualtion and removing toxins, tea tree allows the scalp to unclog and stimulates follicles for healthy hair growth.


Dundruff and itchy, inflamed scalp

The anti-fungal properties of tea tree help prevent and treat infections that cause dundruff and dryness, soothing itchiness and providing nutrients for hydrated, healthy scalp. 


Acne: Tea Tree has Great Anti-Inflammatory Properties: 

1. Mix it couple drops of Tea Tree Oil with Manuka Honey 

2. Apply on Clean Face.

3 Wait Fir 2 minutes then Wash It Off. 

Note: If you dont have Manuka Honey, No Problem


Hair :

AM: Apply a few drops to dry or damp hair for shine, fizz control and daily hydration. No need to wash off.

PM: As a mask treatment, apply a generous amount to dry or damp hair. Leave in for 5-10 minutes, or overnight for deeper hydration, then rinse or wash off. 

Use at least 2-3 times a week. 


Cuts and Wounds: 

Tea Tree is best for healing Cuts and Wounds. Tea Tree has  Anticeptal and Antibacterial Features.



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